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Endorsed by Former Montgomery Co. Executive Ike Leggett

Meet Jacqueline Manger

I was raised by three generations of strong women. I’ve built successful businesses and educated future leaders. As chair of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, I championed transparency and accountability while increasing funding. We need to elect leaders with the expertise and experience to tackle complex issues. Leaders who will listen to diverse interests and do the hard work to find solutions that build our county forward and benefit us all. I am that leader. On the County Council, I will use my public and private sector expertise to ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely on the pragmatic, progressive policies Montgomery County needs to thrive.

 When elected, I will:

  • Make Montgomery County safe and affordable:
    I will fight for safe neighborhoods and housing affordability. Our children shouldn’t have to move to Frederick County to buy a home and raise a family.
  • Strengthen our schools:
    So many of us moved here because of the quality of the schools. As our Council Member, I will work to fully fund our schools, and protect our students’ health and safety.
  • Build a progressive future:
    I will ensure we prioritize education, protect our environment, and promote inclusive economic development. We need policies to attract, sustain, and create better paying jobs for all.
  • Improve our quality of life:
    Montgomery County is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, but not all of us are thriving. I will be a champion for first-rate public services that improve our quality of life.

Authorized by:Jacqueline Manger for Montgomery
Jennifer Bowers, Treasurer
PO Box 1268/Ashton/MD/20861
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