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Values and Priorities

As a large and diverse county, we face many challenges. Our needs are often greater than our collective resources and so we must set priorities for government services, be innovative in how we approach challenges and be open to collaborations. Our economic development must be inclusive and our success in growing our economy is impacted by our ability to create more affordable housing and improve our transit infrastructure all while improving how we protect our environment and maintain our quality of life. Our solutions must be holistic. We must set measurable goals and be better at holding ourselves accountable on progress. Our government must become more agile and open to growth and change. We need council members with experience, a strategic mindset, an ability to collaborate, and a willingness to listen to diverse viewpoints.

I am a pragmatic, progressive who believes in the goodness of enterprising people to solve problems in the world around us.

In my work I build trust that encourages questioning, creativity, and collaboration. I will bring this experience to County Council as I focus on:

  • An accessible and comprehensive public education system - early childhood to post-secondary including workforce training and reskilling.
  • Jobs and inclusive economic growth – a better environment for sustaining and creating businesses with a focus on job creation vital to providing revenue to address county needs. Not just more jobs, but better paying jobs as well.
  • Quality of life for all residents – parks, libraries, public spaces, arts and cultural organizations, safe streets and healthy communities, affordable housing and an accessible multi-modal transportation infrastructure.

While on the County Council I will have the opportunity to serve all county residents and set a course for future growth, all the while listening to and providing a strong voice for the residents of District 7. The needs of our Agricultural Reserve with respect to transportation and economic development are different than those in Olney Town Center or Montgomery Village. From Ashton to Derwood, Laytonsville to Damascus, and everywhere in between, our time for representation has come. I look forward to listening to your story so that I can best serve you as the first District 7 County Council member.


Authorized by:Jacqueline Manger for Montgomery
Jennifer Bowers, Treasurer
PO Box 1268/Ashton/MD/20861
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