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" Proud to be supported by so many great people & organizations."

I have known Jacqueline and her family for over 15 years. She will work tirelessly to listen and represent the diverse voices of District 7. Her private sector expertise brings a much-needed perspective to the Council. Jacqueline will prioritize spending to grow jobs and create more affordable housing. As an educator, she understands the importance of investing in our schools and will prioritize funding partnerships to deliver on the promise of Pre-K. I am confident Jacqueline is the best candidate for the new District 7.

— Honorable Ike Legget
Former County Executive

No other candidate knows Public Safety and understands its impact on our community better than Jacqueline Manger. — Darren Popkin
Sheriff, Montgomery County

Jacqueline Manger is the best candidate for County Council District 7 because she knows what small businesses in Damascus, Olney and throughout the county need to succeed. Jacqueline Manger has my vote and she should have yours as well.

— Judy Stephenson
Small Business Leader, Damascus Resident

After serving on the Council for 20 years and as a proud member of Ike Leggett’s staff, I know Jacqueline has what it takes to be a successful council member. Jacqueline Manger has a deep knowledge of our community’s needs, an understanding of the needs of small businesses, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. — Michael L. Subin
CAPT., USN (Ret.)/Olney Attorney

I am pleased to endorse Jacqueline Manger for county council because she will bring her unique experience in business and higher education to help lead a critical  investment in workforce development and job creation. She will mobilize her network across non-profits, business, government, education and community. — Mike Knapp
Fmr County Councilmember, Representing what is now District 7

Jacqueline Manger's ability to draw upon her experiences to solve the challenges in our county will serve us well. She listens and asks good questions. In order to come up with new solutions, she's not afraid to ask "what about..."  Most importantly to me, she connects with people through shared values and motivations which will be a key skill to have on an eleven member council. — Barbara Falcigno
Long time Olney Resident and Activist

Jacqueline understands the healthy balance required to nurture a community while still serving our small businesses. This county needs Jacqueline Manger. — Matt Quinn
Longtime Olney Resident

We need new voices on the Council and Jacqueline will bring her experience in business and academia to solve long-standing problems. With the myriad of economic challenges facing the county going forward, we need new leadership with bold but pragmatic solutions to continue to improve our quality of life in the county. Jacqueline is the right leader at this moment in time to shape and grow our economic base without compromising the delivery of services to the most needed in our community. She will ensure we maintain our AAA bond rating and laser focus on bringing high-paying jobs to the residents of the county. — Basile Whitaker
CERG Board Member, Business Owner, Sandy Spring Resident

Our county needs a person who gets the job done just like my mother, Marilyn Praisner, who did for 18 years.
— Alison Praisner-Klumpp
MCPD Educator/lifelong county resident

As a lifelong supporter of reproductive justice, Jacqueline proudly accepts the endorsement of the National Organization for Women, Maryland Chapter. — MD National Organization for Women

Sierra Club endorses Jacqueline Manger because she will lead forward progress on the priorities we've highlighted and is well aligned with Sierra Club on some key issues- such as housing at all income levels along transit corridors and energy efficiency in buildings. — Sierra Club

Jacqueline understands the needs of our community. She can make both our economy and our environment healthier. That’s why the Sierra Club and The Art of Stewardship Project endorses Jacqueline. — Nadine Mort, Longtime Ashton Resident, Community Activist, Founder The Art of Stewardship

CERG 2.0 supports the candidacy of Jacqueline Manger for her commitment to upholding our values of inclusive participation and responsible government for all citizens of Montgomery County, MD, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. — CERG 2.0

Jacqueline is proud to be the only District 7 County Council Candidate to be on Moderately MoCo's 2022 Recommended Primary Ballot. — Moderately MoCo

Jacqueline has been endorsed by the Montgomery County Business Owners Roundtable. — MoCo Business Owners Roundtable

Jacqueline is proud to have received the 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. We must work together as a county and as a nation to fight against gun violence and for a safer Montgomery County for our children. Jacqueline is dedicated to transforming Montgomery County for the better, and finding pragmatic, common-sense solutions to gun violence. — Distinction from Moms Demand Action

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Jennifer Bowers, Treasurer
PO Box 1268/Ashton/MD/20861
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